About Sam

I have been blessed to have grown up with horses as a big part of my life, learning to ride at a very young age.

I have two beautiful horses -
 Everton Fidersch
ön (Frankie) and Rahy Light (Gulliver). Frankie is my BIG 7 year old Warmblood who I purchased as a foal. Watching him grow has been an awesome journey! He's very cuddly and loveable. Our focus is dressage and he is showing that he has quite a bit of talent which is very exciting! We also dabble in some tiny jumps and trail rides.
Photo: Caitlyn Beer Photography
Gulliver, my 15 year old off the track thoroughbred is currently living the life of retirement luxury. We competed in HRCAV dressage and worked our way up the levels over the years to end up in Advanced. Teaching him flying changes is definitely my proudest achievement! It was not easy... He is a character and liked to make sure he always let me know I was never really in charge, which made for good spectator viewing during some of our tests!
My years of experience owning, riding and competing horses has given me a great understanding of everything equine. You can be 100% confident that I will understand what you mean if you use any ‘horse terminology’ – different breeds, disciplines, movement, expressions, correct way of going, etc. This knowledge of horses, combined with my graphic design qualification and experience benefits my equine clients greatly!

Photo: Jessica Atkins Photo Art & Studio

I have 10 years experience in graphic design and marketing and hold a Diploma of Graphic Design. As a kid, I always excelled in 'Art' subjects and was constantly drawing horses. I am so fortunate now to be combining two of my passions into my business.

Although equine designs are my speciality, my vast experience in graphic design and my Diploma enable me to be able to help any type of business with their graphic design needs. 

I can be contacted at inspiredpdbysam@gmail.com.