The Power of Planning

The Power of Planning

As riders, we all strive to improve. But how can we achieve consistent improvement? Finding a great coach certainly helps, but when you're riding on your own, how can you ensure consistent growth?


The benefits of planning your training and competitions cannot be overstated. It serves as the compass guiding you towards achieving your goals - one step at a time. Let's delve deeper into the myriad advantages that planning brings to riding.

Focused Training
Central to the benefits of planning is the ability to maintain a laser-sharp focus during training sessions. By outlining specific objectives and exercises beforehand, riders can tailor their training to address particular areas of improvement. Whether it's perfecting a dressage movement or refining jumping technique, a well-structured plan ensures that every moment in the saddle contributes meaningfully to progress.


Consistent Growth

Planned training allows for a systematic approach to improving your riding, your horses way of going and strength in your chosen discliplines. Planning minimises wasted time and effort. When riders work towards predetermined milestones, they find themselves steadily inching closer towards their goals.


Problem Solving

Horse riding is not without its challenges, be it overcoming behavioural issues or navigating through training something new or difficult. Planning equips riders with the tools needed to tackle these obstacles head-on. By devising strategies to overcome challenges, riders can navigate tricky situations with confidence and composure, turning setbacks into opportunities for growth.


Planning provides riders with a clear roadmap, illuminating the path towards their aspirations. By visualising their objectives and mapping out the necessary steps to achieve them, riders can navigate the complexities of training and competition with a sense of purpose and direction.


Achieve Your Goals Sooner

Planning is the catalyst that transforms dreams into reality. By breaking down big goals into manageable action plans (monthly goals, weekly goals, daily goals), riders can make steady progress.


Clearer Direction for Your Horse

Just as planning benefits riders, it also provides clarity and consistency for their horse. A well-thought-out plan ensures that each session serves a purpose in their development. By establishing clear expectations and objectives, riders can foster a deeper understanding and trust between themselves and their horses.


Planning serves as the cornerstone of success. From focused training and accelerated growth to problem-solving and clarity, the benefits of planning are undeniable. So, before the next time you saddle up, take a moment to decide what you want to work on that day that will help you work towards achieving your goals. It may be as simple as working on the shape of your circles if you have a dressage competition coming up, or teaching your horse a new exercise that will help with its engagement, or making a conscious effort to ride more half halts or transitions.

The Inspired Equestrian Journal is the perfect tool for planning and reflecting, with prompted sections for everyday riding, goal planning and competition plans.

Happy Riding!

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